Case Studies

Tennis Center Status client Huntsville Tennis Center

Tennis Center Status

I worked with Niki Doyle and the Huntsville Tennis Center to develop a small control panel that lets them indicate court status to their website visitors. It is easy to use on the backend and was easy to integrate into the frontend.


Comment Recommendations client Jason Riddle

Comment Recommendations

Jason came to me a few years ago looking for a way to track the popularity and correctness of comments on his site. I developed a solution that was great for him and his users and it has lasted over 3 years now without modification.


Poker Affiliate Solutions client Poker Affiliate Solutions

The fine folks at Poker Affiliate Solutions help their customers build websites that show various poker related offers, handle user management and process affiliate payouts. They wanted to add another tool to their arsenal and asked me to integrate their API and existing templating language into WordPress. After a lot of work, we arrived at a solution that worked exactly as they wanted.


Online Course Building client KLS LifeChange Ministries

Online Course Building

KLS LifeChange Ministries was looking for a better way to run their online training. I built a course and lesson builder that integrated with WordPress and WP eMember to allow the process of testing students to be completely editable and automated. It was a lesson both in the extensibility of WordPress and the expertise needed to build something that fit right in to the rest of the administrative interface.


Post Update Subscriptions client Schubert Communications

Post Update Subscriptions

Sometimes a post or page is updated frequently for some reason. Perhaps it contains daily deals, site notifications or other things like that. The update subscription plugin I built allows individual users to subscribe to updates on a piece of content, confirm their subscription and receive notifications every time the content is updated. The users can also unsubscribe from the notifications at any time.


Dealer Locator client Cowgirl Expressions

The Dealer Locator plugin allows my client to set up websites with an internal business directory and a “find by distance” search form. Without a doubt, this is one of the most successful plugins I’ve built as the client continues to use the solution 3 years later.


Page Images client Floodlight Design

I developed a plugin for my client which allowed him to use a single custom page template with some simple template tags to display a multitude of images from any single page.


Post Satisfaction client IYC Business

If you’re running a site that you hope to monetize, it is imperative to produce content that your audience likes. The difficulty comes in judging how your content is resonating with your readers. The Post Satisfaction plugin solved that problem for one of my clients.


Physical Activity Tracker client Cari Haus

Cari Haus came to me with an interesting request. She wanted to build a community of walkers using WordPress as her platform. In order to give people a reason to visit her site daily, she knew she needed a hook. She had the idea for a component which allowed people to track their walking statistics, including steps, other activity, and a brief comment so that’s what we built together.