Poker Affiliate Solutions client Poker Affiliate Solutions

The fine folks at Poker Affiliate Solutions help their customers build websites that show various poker related offers, handle user management and process affiliate payouts. They wanted to add another tool to their arsenal and asked me to integrate their API and existing templating language into WordPress. After a lot of work, we arrived at a solution that worked exactly as they wanted.

There were several components that had to work together correctly to make this project a success. First, the plugin had to allow the end user to enter their authentication information, including an API Key, API Secret, their PAS website ID and a contact email address. After saving this information, the plugin validated that it was correct and allowed the user to work on displaying the content they needed to on their website.

Poker Affiliate Solutions uses a custom templating solution with their in-house content management system and wanted their WordPress users to be able to do the same. As such, I integrated the liquid templating engine to allow standard WordPress pages to display poker related content. After checking a box indicating a page would display PAS derived content and selecting a page type from many available options the user would be able to insert simple tags to display a variety of information, including the following:

  • Poker Offers
  • Poker Promotions
  • Support Tickets
  • Account Information
  • Payout Information
  • Referrals and Referring Information

The plugin does much more than just display content, however. It also processes input from users and takes appropriate action against the PAS API, including submitting support tickets, requesting payouts and much, much more.

All together, this was one exciting project. It involved authenticating a user based on his or her credentials, interacting with a remote API and displaying data from a third party source.