Post Update Subscriptions client Schubert Communications

Post Update Subscriptions

Sometimes a post or page is updated frequently for some reason. Perhaps it contains daily deals, site notifications or other things like that. The update subscription plugin I built allows individual users to subscribe to updates on a piece of content, confirm their subscription and receive notifications every time the content is updated. The users can also unsubscribe from the notifications at any time.

The plugin was fun to build for all the right reasons:

  1. It fulfills a real need for a variety of situations
  2. It required some interesting forethought on how to display the subscription form and status messages
  3. The client was very happy with what I ended up delivering

This plugin is a perfect candidate for showing that things don’t need to be complex to be useful or fun to build and use. My client was satisfied with the configuration ability of the solution I developed and I was happy when they got what they wanted.