Physical Activity Tracker client Cari Haus

Cari Haus came to me with an interesting request. She wanted to build a community of walkers and she wanted to use WordPress as her platform because she was familiar with it and she already used it to manage her other content. In order to give people a reason to visit her site daily, she knew she needed a really good hook to let her compete with for the audience she wanted. She had an idea for a component which allowed people to track their physical activity. The items tracked included steps walked for the day and minutes completed of other types of physical activity. Users could also add a brief comment.

I built the Steps Tracker plugin to help Cari realize her idea and expand her community. Upon logging in, users are redirected to the input form where they can enter their steps and save the data they’ve added. By default, users can access the past 7 days, but selecting a month allows them to enter steps for any day of that month.

Included with the tracking was some basic statistical analysis on both the front and backend and a WordPress widget that shows summary output of a user’s steps so far. The widget was open sourced so a user could add their physical activity tracked to their WordPress site as well.

Cari was happy with the plugin and said it worked wonders on delivery. It was the base on which she started to build her community.