We found Nick online via a Google search. After combing through all of the testimonials (like you’re doing now), we reached out and presented a high level concept to Nick which he quickly understood. The best part of working with Nick is that he genuinely cared about what we were trying to do and came back to us with a framework that met our objectives… things that we hadn’t necessarily though of. In short, we will definitely use Nick again on future projects, and my wife and I have decided to name our first born “Nick”.

Randy Townsend from DripDrop Marketing

I was referred to Nick through a mutual acquaintance. (I should probably send that guy a thank you card!) Nick was not only skillful and prompt, but he was also a joy to work with.

Now for the backstory. I manage a copywriting firm, and we needed some additional “tech” to support our growing needs. Nick and I discussed the requirements, and he scoped out the project. He said it would take him about 3 days to complete.

Now I admit it, I did raise an eyebrow to that quick turnaround projection. How could he deliver something of quality so quickly and meet all the requirements? Well, he did… in 24 hours, no less! (I think he may have a secret group of expert coding minions he’s hiding in his laptop.)

But that’s not where it stopped.

Nick and I tested the product for about a week after to ensure it was up to snuff. After a few adjustments, we had everything that I’d hope for and more.

I will definitely be contacting Nick again when the need arises. And… you probably should, too.

Kimberly B. from ContentPark

I had an idea for a WordPress plugin that would make my design blog much easier to manage. I pitched my idea to Nick and he cranked it out in less than 24-hours! I will definitely be working with him again in the future.

Steven Snell from Vandelay Design

Nick has been hands-down one of the best developers we have ever worked with. He was efficient, understanding, and wiling to work well within our budget and fulfill every single one of our needs. He was a fast learner and was able to understand the concept and task at hand, and his communication is above the rest. Nick has truly been instrumental in developing a much needed plugin for us.

I am still in awe of how great this plugin came out. Nick is the full package… I would never choose another developer to work with again. From the minute I first contacted him he was very positive about the idea I had and was truly a hard working developer… Nick is a gem, and developers like this are rare!

AJ Sonnick from Long Island Shore Media Group, Inc.

Nick is the whole package – smart as a whip, extremely communicative, proactive to suggest improvements, and just a true joy to work with. His love and brilliance for his craft shine through in the quality of product he delivers and the tight deadlines he continuously meets with ease. Do yourself a huge favor and go with Nick. You will be astounded with what he delivers to take your project to an entirely new level. I already look forward to the next project I can work on with Nick and will never go anywhere else for my plugin development needs. The world needs more Nick Ohrns, but I am forever grateful to have found the only (known) one. His work, efficiency, business sense, and pleasant demeanor are truly one of a kind.

Brian Bollinger from SAFEDIV

When I chose to work with Nick I had tremendously high expectations and I wasn’t sure if he could meet them. But here’s what one of our earliest members said about the platform Nick built for us, “This is the most well laid-out/thought-out Internet class site I’ve ever seen.” Nick goes above and beyond and he made sure we were completely happy with our final product.

Brady Shearer from Pro Church Academy

I came to Nick to develop a plugin that would replace a buggy script being used on my site. I was amazed at how quickly he understood what I was looking for, and put together a proposal to create a solution. He was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and completed the project within the agreed upon timeframe. The end result was exactly what I needed. He was able to incorporate some great features on the backend that made my plugin very robust and customizable. Nick kept me up to date throughout the entire process and I couldn’t be happier. Out of all the developers I spoke with, I am happy I chose Nick to complete my project.

Chris Ladenburger from TurnTronics, LLC

Compared to previous developers, working with Nick Ohrn was like driving a high performance car after a string of jalopies. He understood the project perfectly, responded quickly and cheerfully, built a fabulous site and stayed on budget. Thanks, Nick!

David Gordon, Owner from Ashland Websites

I am absolutely thrilled with the plugin that Nick created for my business! Nick completely understood what I wanted and delivered simple and elegant solutions when faced with some of the more challenging aspects of my requests. Nick impressed me not only with his extreme competence as a WordPress plugin developer, but also with the fact that he made sure that I was always kept informed and updated of his progress every step of the way. Most of all, I enjoyed the freedom of being able to focus on building other areas of my business while Nick capably looked after developing one of its most crucial elements all the way from the beginning to the very end. I am definitely going to be using Nick’s services again and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs work of the highest quality done.

Martin Aranovitch from WPTrainMe

Nick is without question one of the most professional, patient and gifted developers I have ever worked with. His dedication and work ethic is exceptional. You can tell that he takes pride in what he does. A true craftsman and a class act.

Paul Suntup from Zel Creative

If anyone can vouch for Nick, please let it be me! Nick’s plugin serves as the entire foundation for my site, which must be a daunting challenge for any developer. In the end though, Nick was able to implement literally every feature & capability I dreamed up into the plugin he designed for me. Throughout the process Nick made me feel like a real priority and it became clear early on that he was 100% dedicated to making me feel completely satisfied with the end result, no matter what difficulties present themselves on the road to final product.

Walker Warren from PopPerception

Nick is a breath of fresh air – quick, honest, communicative, and produces quality work. My experience with him was one of the smoothest ones I’ve had with any developers or vendors. He kicks ass!

Dave Marcello from DISRUPTIVE

Nick was incredibly fast and efficient. He went above and beyond our expectations and was very pleasant to work with. We have yet to encounter a truer professional. We were also extremely impressed by his huge guns.

Aaron Gibraltar from Urtak, Inc.

Nick Ohrn is the consummate professional, and his programming skills definitely lived up to the hype. Communication was phenomenal! He will be fulfilling all of my programming needs from now on, whether he likes it or not 🙂 I recommend Nick to anyone who is seeking customization for their WordPress sites.

Otis Funches from Killer Fries

I have worked with lots of different programmers and Nick is definitely one of the best I have ever encountered. He delivers high quality work on time that is done right the first time. Not only does he comprehend programming language, but he’s also understands business and is able to effectively take a concept and turn it into a fully functioning product.

Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits

Working with Nick was a breeze. He understood what I needed, and was able to ask insightful questions and reveal needs for the plugin that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.

He has a deep knowledge of WordPress and its workings, and uses that ability to create sleek, simple and powerful tools that get the job done in an efficient and useful manner.

Adam Blodgett from Pixelsmith Design

I can honestly say that working with Nick Ohrn has been a real pleasure. What impressed me most about him was the sheer speed at which he was able to turn an idea I’d been struggling with for weeks around in a matter of days! I was also really impressed at quite how thorougly he “got” what the project was all about! It was just so easy explaining what I wanted and within hours (it seemed) the solution was forthcoming.

Even with a really significant difference in time zones we made rapid progress to a solution that was absolutely right, earlier than promised and on-budget. He’s a joy to work with – go for it!

Matthew Taylor from MEPA

Nick Ohrn helped me take my idea and bring it to market. The plugin he built was even better than I expected and I’m so glad I went with a programmer based here in the US. Now after years of working with overseas teams I won’t ever go to anyone else but Nick for WordPress development.

Chris Guthrie from thg Web Media

Nick Ohrn is an absolute joy to work with. He’s professional and prompt, and delivered exactly what I needed. The code looks terrific and functions flawlessly. The job was done before our agreed-upon deadline, and Nick turned around the requested edits in minutes! He was kind enough to take on a simple plugin that is far beneath his capabilities in order to help our non-profit tennis center. I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a rock-solid developer.

Niki Doyle from Huntsville Tennis Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick a number of times over the past 2 years. Every time, he has consistently delivered code that has met or exceeded my expectations, on time and on budget. Not only that – he brings an expertise to every project that makes sure what you get at the end of the project is actually what you need. He knows the ins and outs of WordPress as well as any core contributor, and that means the code you get runs as efficiently and as effectively as possible. The icing on the Nick Ohrn cake – he talks like a normal person, no developer-ese. If I could clone an army of Nick Ohrns, I could take over the world.

Reid Peifer from Modern Tribe, Inc.

Nick delivered the first version of WP-MalWatch exceeding our expectations. The code was well thought out and modularized in a way that gave us a clear path for future expansion. He worked diligently during our testing phase finding and fixing bugs including the ones we couldn’t reproduce.

Derick Schaefer from OrangeCast

Nick Ohrn greatly exceeded our expectations. He is a master of WordPress development — demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and technical sophistication. For our WordPress plugin project, their team provided exceptionally accurate and timely project management, delivered a product that exceed our expectations and addressed every request intelligently and quickly. I can easily recommend the services of this highly professional development team for any WordPress plugin needs.

Sean Jackson from Copyblogger Media, LLC

I found plugin-developer.com and submitted my request. I get a response and within a couple of days, Nick had already pumped out the first version of the new plugin. I was floored that he was able to turn it around so quickly. The finished product works like a champ. Overall, I was very impressed with Nick and his ability to deliver what he said he would deliver — all within a 2-3 day window. I’ll definitely be back for more work.

Jason Mitchell from Feed the Habit

Nick has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Professional, efficient and smart. He very quickly grasped what I needed and put it into a logical format which we could simply agree on. No dramas, no headaches, no surprises — it all worked the first time and exactly as we discussed. Nick comes highly recommended.

Andy Knott from Think Like Me

Everything is working beautifully. Thank you so much for your outstanding work on this project. Everyone here is well-pleased with the results.

Jeff Starr from Perishable Press

Nick Ohrn is a super star in the world of WordPress. He often exceeds my expectations for quality, which is never short of excellence. Having worked with him for over a year on various projects, he’s become an essential part of our team. He is happy, helpful, curious, and accountable. Deeply passionate about the work that he does, Nick Ohrn produces code that is easy to read and well thought out, while being mindful of time and budget restraints. Anyone lucky enough to work with him is sure to be successful.

Peter Chester from Modern Tribe, Inc.

Nick is great to work with! He has been timely and professional. The plugin looks good, works efficiently and is user-friendly — and the price was right, too. Thanks for a great plugin, Nick. We will definitely be back for more!

Cari Haus from I Luv Walking