I was referred to Nick through a mutual acquaintance. (I should probably send that guy a thank you card!) Nick was not only skillful and prompt, but he was also a joy to work with.

Now for the backstory. I manage a copywriting firm, and we needed some additional “tech” to support our growing needs. Nick and I discussed the requirements, and he scoped out the project. He said it would take him about 3 days to complete.

Now I admit it, I did raise an eyebrow to that quick turnaround projection. How could he deliver something of quality so quickly and meet all the requirements? Well, he did… in 24 hours, no less! (I think he may have a secret group of expert coding minions he’s hiding in his laptop.)

But that’s not where it stopped.

Nick and I tested the product for about a week after to ensure it was up to snuff. After a few adjustments, we had everything that I’d hope for and more.

I will definitely be contacting Nick again when the need arises. And… you probably should, too.

Kimberly B. from ContentPark